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  • Fix this: Stubborn highlighting
    When highlighting, the app has a hard time adjusting the section. On sections, the app refuses to adjust the selection downwards, it just stubbornly selects the entire page section, or just automatically selects from left to right a random line of the paragraph. Hopefully this bug is fixed soon, looks like a good deal. Takes time to get used to, it's frustrating.
    Yvette598 over 5 years ago
  • Pro?
    Missing basic writing features such as underlining, italicizing, boldface, or perhaps changing the word color. These features are extremely useful to me, yet are not included in this $9.99 Pro writing app. I do love to use this app for my long essays, blog posts, and personal novels when I travel and don't want a bulky laptop. I'm really loving the user interface and I quickly found myself adjusting to the functions... I can work quickly with this app. Please, please update this pro app, I think users should get full writing benefits purchasing the pro!
    Yvette598 almost 5 years ago