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  • Disabled Canadian access
    Used it a few months ago, then removed it. Just reinstalled it and found that they have apparently disabled access to Canadian cities. Please fix this. Lack of customizability means constant nagging for things I'm not interested in. Good idea, but poor implementation in this app.
    Wlb17472 over 10 years ago
  • Bugs bugs bugs
    One of the buggiest programs on any platform, period. Can't logout, tapping to view a comment on a photo often leads to an empty photo album; refresh often doesn't work, even when viewing a comment you added FROM THE APP! At least it's free...
    Wlb17472 over 10 years ago
  • Great
    Huge food database, Fitbit support works well. Would like to see tie in with Fitocracy. Get it!
    Wlb17472 almost 8 years ago
  • Awesome app, ignore the whiners
    New updates have errors. Be a little patient; the new UI is great and worth the mild inconvenience.
    Wlb17472 over 8 years ago
  • Great app
    It is a very good coffee convenience card with Passbook integration. No issues with Canadian currency. Most of the complaints seem to be about the removal of the drink builder and the menu, but these are extraneous to the main function of the app. Unless you are crafting new drinks or eating new snacks on every visit (or have no long-term memory), the outrage over the removal of these features seems absurd. If you want a convenience card on your phone, then the app does everything you need it to do.
    Wlb17472 over 7 years ago