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  • Love this app!!!
    I've tried a bunch. This one is the best!! Works great. Runs smooth. Love the choices in backgrounds, too!!! Love Sudoku2!!!
    Wings2fly17 almost 4 years ago
  • Fantastic!!
    Really cute cards! Lots to chose from. Very easy to use!! Love the update of sending card by text and getting to contacts easy to check email addresses! Use this app all the time on my iPhone. Works great!!
    Wings2fly17 over 4 years ago
  • THE BEST!!!
    Love this app!! Easy to use! Runs perfect! Just like working real jigsaw puzzles!! It's fantastic!!
    Wings2fly17 almost 4 years ago
  • Simplistic and Complete
    This App has all the weather info right there in a clear and simple format. Right to the point. Love the simplicity and function!! Works great! Runs great! Just do the tutorial and you're set to go. Love that you can incorporate your calendar events in the upper right hand box, too!! Coolest Weather App EVER!!!!! My new "go-to" App for weather!! Thanks!!
    Wings2fly17 about 4 years ago
  • Love this app!!!
    Love everything about this app! It gives me all the weather info I want in a very sleek way and the puppies are SO adorable!!! I just love checking the weather to see the cute puppies sometimes!!! Make more!!! Please!!
    Wings2fly17 about 5 years ago