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  • Awesome
    This is a dope game but if you hack it, you will have a suspension and will have reset the game, the developers were really smart on that move.
    Tyrone _14 almost 5 years ago
  • ?
    Look above for review
    Tyrone _14 over 4 years ago
  • Must buy
    This is the best iPhone game you can buy!
    Tyrone _14 about 5 years ago
  • It's ok
    It's not the best game I've played because if the 5th gen graphics, but it's definitely not the worst.
    Tyrone _14 over 5 years ago
  • One of the best games in the app store!
    Highly recommended; good graphics, lots of missions/guns/vehicles/clothes and most of all a fun open map. P.S. Invest in the real estate (when in game hit mini map>hit the house icon>buy all of them>every day collect your money)
    Tyrone _14 about 5 years ago