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  • Has Ups and Downs but very good overall
    Long time user of the app. A few updates and changes have been very good, while a few have been poorly conceived. However this app has become my favorite way to browse ebay. I'm strictly a buyer, so I've no clue about its use as a sellers tool.
    Tiny Malone over 5 years ago
  • RECOIL Does NOT Support 2nd Amendment!
    Sure it pretty, the writing is a bit off for the American Gun market, but a recent article on an HK sub gun was stunningly anti 2nd Amendment. There is ZERO room for this ideology in America today. If you are a true American and lover of liberty, AVOID THIS MAGAZINE and ALL of its sponsors. Expect bogus mamby pamby reviews after mine from company writers. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!
    Tiny Malone over 7 years ago
  • Pretty but feature poor
    Nice enough looking. But so many things never work. I can't seem to connect with others, even after I wasted money for a paid account. Can't edit profile. I could go on all day. But the truth is...and they know this...what else are you going to use? There is zero incentive to be better or get better. Sad really.
    Tiny Malone almost 7 years ago
  • 95% of the time
    I'm on this app 95% of my Facebook time. This app has improved dramatically, to the point I can even complete a lot of the basic tasks of running a page or group. Facebook it's self slows down at certain parts of the day, but that is not this app's problem. 100% get and use this app.
    Tiny Malone over 7 years ago
  • Vital Social App for Business Placement
    This is real simple: if you're a business owner and you're not using FourSquare, your stupid.
    Tiny Malone about 8 years ago