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  • Wow
    I can not believe this game was free. Amazing graphics, great gameplay. 100% awesomeness!
    thetuckerjay over 8 years ago
  • Well, it WAS great.
    This app was awesome until this latest update. Now the app won't even open. Very disappointing.
    thetuckerjay about 7 years ago
  • Win
    thetuckerjay almost 9 years ago
  • Bummer
    Latest updates have been shoddy. New layout is not as user-friendly as the last one, and in the last few days, the app won't even load up. Gets to the loading screen then boots you out. Lame. Fix it and I'll be inclined to use it again.
    thetuckerjay almost 8 years ago
  • Stupid location service...
    I like all the options the app has. Overall, it's quite good. But I despise the fact that it constantly has your location service activated, even when the app is closed. What a battery drain!
    thetuckerjay almost 9 years ago