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  • To all complaining about the SOUND!
    TURN THE VIBRATION SWITCH OFF. Honestly, if there aren't already enough dimwits giving this app bad reviews for their own incompetance. It dosn't take long to understand that the app works differently than movies. I figured that out in less than 10 seconds. Now go on and watch your video with "fixed" audio. AS FOR AN ACTUAL REVIEW... The app has a clean interface and is well designed but has several ACTUAL bugs in the form of black screens for several seconds during the comercial break sections, as well as audio and rendering glitches. A rating system would be nice and the viewer should be able to see all episodes and be able to search any episode and download if necessary to save app space.
    The Critical 1 about 6 years ago
  • Great for app discovery
    Works really well as an app discovery tool. Features like a score for each app and the new "App Pulse" make this application even more efficient and useful for what it does.
    The Critical 1 almost 6 years ago
  • Good
    Good content, slow-ish buffering, clunky user interface, terrible search function, fine otherwise.
    The Critical 1 almost 6 years ago
  • Whipeout Review
    I bought this app when it first arrived on the app store and it turned out to be a good game. The game plays well, and while the learning curve isn't too steep, I still find myself sliding down the wrong finger to duck. The game is well rendered (graphically-wise) and lets you imerse yourself in the "world of whipeout". That being said, these nice graphical elements come at a cost to the processor (on my 3gs) and I frequently find myself silently cursing at the skips in the game that cause me to lose. I personally recomend closing other multitasking apps while playing this game. The game is fairly difficult to master, and may prove to be a real challenge to younger gamers. While it may be fun to try to beat your personal best times, there is not an abundance of extra content to keep you playing. There are a couple of things to be improved, along with minor bugs (they will probably be fixed soon) but the overal experience is unique and satisfying. Should you buy it? For those of you who like a challange and have a good device to play on, yes. For those that get easily frustrated, l would look for other games. For thos that live and breath Whipeout, absolutely!
    The Critical 1 over 6 years ago
  • Apple ID at launch
    This app was already fine but a new update asks for your A.ID at launch in order to make it "easier" to buy power ups with actual money. This is a very suspicious practice and is something I did not expect from a well established company like Rovio. I am deleting the app until this is fixed.
    The Critical 1 over 5 years ago