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  • It does not work
    After the update all I get is an orange flag with a rotating wheel. Irritating !!!! Do not update this app if your old one is still working!
    Sportstore almost 6 years ago
  • Zombie farm
    It's a cool game with friendly zombies
    Sportstore over 8 years ago
  • Handy business tool
    As part of our business we need to explain to customers how our installations work. We take many photos and do the instructions on site with the customers. Using this app we complete the instructions with the photos and simply email the customer all the instruction photos.
    Sportstore about 5 years ago
  • Keep up to date
    Excellent. I cannot always watch live tv, but wan't to know what is happening. Now I can follow the action and stay up to date.
    Sportstore over 8 years ago
  • Works then doesn't work
    Free version starts of well but stops working after time. Maybe not keeping up with all the iOS upgrades.
    Sportstore over 5 years ago