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  • I ❤️ Spotify
    I absolutely adore Spotify. I use it to discover fun, amazing new music, and also to listen to classical while I work. I just discovered my favorite new section with audiobooks and language learning tracks. I prefer the playlists to the ones available on pandora.
    silverbelle107 over 4 years ago
  • EXCELLENT game.
    I love this game. If you even remotely enjoy looking at paint chips, you need to play. Lots of levels, good controls, and I feel like the app store is very fair. It allowed me to share purchases across my devices. My only thought for improvement would be if it had some awesome music in the background. Doesn't take it down from 5 stars, but music would really finish off the whole thing.
    silverbelle107 about 4 years ago
  • Amazing.
    This is incredible.
    silverbelle107 almost 8 years ago
  • Love, love, LOVE
    It's beautiful, poetic, and intriguing.
    silverbelle107 over 4 years ago
  • So incredible
    Download immediately. If you enjoy learning, you won't be disappointed.
    silverbelle107 about 5 years ago