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Reviews by SHELBAAAAAAA - 7
  • Smurfs villiage
    This is a great game!! I recommend to anybodyy ;)
    SHELBAAAAAAA over 6 years ago
  • It doesnt work
    It doesnt work
    SHELBAAAAAAA about 5 years ago
  • Dream Heights No.1 Fan
    I love this game!!!! Its so awesome cant wait for new floors! Ive build everything haha ❤❤
    SHELBAAAAAAA over 5 years ago
  • Kinda impressed , really impressed!! :D
    I love instagram for my iphone but when i got a ipad i was not too impressed of it.., it was smaller and i really dont like it. They should make it so its full screen for Ipads! Thankyou for reading this and hopefully they will make it for ipad app not in the mobile section
    SHELBAAAAAAA over 4 years ago
  • Dream zoo
    I love this game im addicted ! ❤ Please add me as your neighbour ' CLCVYYL '
    SHELBAAAAAAA about 6 years ago