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  • Almost Great!
    I feel that this game is almost a perfect, fun, game "with friends", but there are a couple minor things that really annoy me... 1. The animations and "anticipation" pause when you get a high value spin or a Lose A Spin need have the option to disable. I play with the sound off, so I'm stuck just waiting for these to end. While its not a long time, playing 20+ games in a row waiting for nothing gets annoying. 2. I feel that you hit "Bust" and "Lose a Spin" way more times than it feels like you should. Not being a sore loser, they just seem to come up a LOT to the point where it seems unbalanced. If there was an update that tweaked those two things, this would be a five star rating!
    SharkTums over 8 years ago
  • New Update Doesn't Work!
    Game crashes, can't visit my neighbors, trouble starting the game. Spent money on in-app purchases and now I can't play! Please fix!
    SharkTums almost 9 years ago
  • "Video Tweeting" is so much fun!
    I've been loving making Vine videos! I explain it to my friends as a "video tweet" and it's a great way to share a moment (or 6) when I single photo just doesn't quite cut it. I'm impressed with the initial release of this app (although I would like to see a save drafts option and the ability to back and edit the caption for a vine after its been published), and in sure the updates will continue to make it better! I was never an Instagram fan, but I love Vine!
    SharkTums over 8 years ago
  • Awesome.
    Well worth the money.
    SharkTums over 10 years ago
  • I'm in lesbians with this app!
    Loved the movie? The books are even better! Read them on the go, where ever, man. Awesome stories and stuff...
    SharkTums over 10 years ago