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  • Great game!
    This is a great drag racing game. I just beat the last boss and never spent a dime... Just kept on racing and upgrading my car with various items like nitrous, body kits, engines, etc. The controls are simple but winning is not easy. You have to be precise with shifting and know when its the best time to release the NOS. It takes practice. The graphics are very good. On the retina display, it's top notch. The quality of graphics combined with the function of the various cars truly make this a keeper. I was disappointed when I reached the end of the game. About not spending any money, yes, I didn't pay anything to beat the game but I did make a "gold" purchase in the end just to support the developers. They obviously put quite an effort into CSR Racing and it shows. Well done!
    Shacker almost 8 years ago
  • Great game. Simple and addictive.
    This this a great game. It's easy to control the character since it's just one finger that controls the jetpack. The game isn't boring as it provides a lot of variety. It's pretty addictive and you always seem to want to play just one more game.
    Shacker almost 8 years ago
  • Great game. Addictive and fun.
    The game is simple to play but not very easy to master (especially Coffin Corner). It would be a five star application if the developer implemented iPhone 5 support.
    Shacker almost 8 years ago
  • Unusable on iOS 8
    This could be an issue with the OS but this app has so much lag that it's barely usable. I used it all the time on iOS 7 but now with the iOS 8 / iPhone 6 combination, it's lag makes it practically useless. I hope Google updates the app soon.
    Shacker almost 6 years ago
  • Kudos on the landscape interface.
    Good work, CNN, on being one of the ONLY to take advantage of the new iPhone 6 Plus landscape interface. I don't know why more app haven't caught on but CNN's implementation is great. I would like to see more content, though. That seems a bit slow.
    Shacker over 5 years ago