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  • Just crashes—has never translated anything.
    I've had this for two weeks. Tried reinstall. Still does nothing but crash. It's not like Google is a struggling start-up. Since this issue seems to be widespread, how long must we wait to get it fixed? I too have v.3.1.3. Specs in App Store indicate that should not be a problem.
    sfnano about 7 years ago
  • Worst Quality Replay
    Although I've had many disappointing apps over the years, this is the first time one has been so awful as to compel me to post a negative comment. I can't believe a mainstream network would impose such poor quality streaming on its viewers, and that they were selected to televise the World Cup without a first class streaming service. Shame on all involved.
    sfnano about 4 years ago
  • Favorite News Feed Trashed!
    Hard to believe LinkedIn, a website devoted to helping people build business relationships, could be so stupid. If this in any way represents their business plan, LinkedIn's subscribers should rethink their commitment.
    sfnano over 4 years ago
  • Where did the cartoons go???
    I always read the cartoons first but you cannot do that with this app. Page after page, there are no cartoons! They are buried in the content of the individual articles. You scroll horizontally to find the articles and then vertical to read the content of individual articles. Time consuming and frustrating, and the ads keep popping up. They are much more distracting than in the print version. There are subtle differences in the layout as well. It's like you keep taking the wrong turn and getting lost. Why not give your readers a break and make the content layout the same as the print edition? Why make the reader suffer over these things? I thought the whole point to publishings magazines was to make the reader happy. The New Yorker has a unique comfort zone. Where is the respect for that as well as for the reader?
    sfnano almost 6 years ago
  • Great App Becomes Awful
    I looked forward to reading Zite everyday. Over night it has become awful! What are you thinking? This seems to be happening to too many apps these days, but the Zite "transformation" is the worst that I have experienced, by a long shot. Is Zite ruled by a bunch of morons? I am simply devastated.
    sfnano over 5 years ago