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  • Extremely useful
    Love it
    Seefoosam over 6 years ago
  • Terrible
    I need to plan my meals once a week for bodybuilding. *** This does not calculate nutrition of my recipes. *** I can not add a recipe to my shopping list. *** You must add one item at a time to the shopping list - I would rather just write it on paper This app was poorly planned and even though purchased it I have already deleted in favor of a free app that is better.
    Seefoosam almost 8 years ago
  • Does not fit Iphone5
    Designed for ipad. On Iphone5 buttons were often times off the screen making it impossible to play.
    Seefoosam about 7 years ago
  • Don't pay for this
    Functionality is limited. Better apps available for free
    Seefoosam almost 8 years ago
  • Bought title, still in game purchases
    When you buy the game it is not complete. There are in game purchases after purchase of game.
    Seefoosam about 7 years ago