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  • Errors
    Sort out the errors
    sean lattimore over 6 years ago
  • Crashing app
    Need I say more
    sean lattimore over 6 years ago
  • Good for passing the time
    Worth a go as its a freebie
    sean lattimore about 6 years ago
  • Awful
    The idea of this is great The execution of it is not The whole basis of this game is for you to work out what the flags country is, then you need to spell the country out with the given letters that they provide you with. Problem is the letters are sometimes missing to complete the countries names and even the countries themselves are spelt wrong. Poor effort from the app makers here
    sean lattimore over 6 years ago
  • Best game on any tablet or phone
    Say what you want this is the best game there is for this kind of format of gaming. Nearly identical as COD modem warfare 2. It's so close to being better. Only reason it doesn't is in the online mode it frequently loses connection during the game. This game is well worth the £5. I got it for a discount 69p. Best 69p I'll ever spend. Seen as COD costs £40-50 to buy just shows you what a bargain this game is. BUY IT
    sean lattimore about 6 years ago