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  • Fun but WAY too easy
    My 4 yr old son and I play the other angry bird games incessantly. We were psyched for this one, but it's so easy that he had beaten 15 levels within the the first 30 minutes!
    RoryDavis over 10 years ago
  • Good times!!!
    RoryDavis about 10 years ago
  • Awesome!
    Thorough, easy 2 follow instructions. A great app that does exactly what it said it does.
    RoryDavis over 10 years ago
  • Best game ever for my 4 yr old and me
    RoryDavis almost 11 years ago
  • So many useful layers of functionality
    Everything about this app makes me happy. I use it to work out tricky passage that include polyrhythms and odd note groupings to great effect. I also use it to program claves to practice with. I can do a 9/8 pattern divided any way with accents and 4 different sounds; the options are nearly limitless. It's easy to use; I just figured it out on my own. This is one of the only apps I've ever bothered to purchase the full version of. awesome stuff
    RoryDavis over 6 years ago