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  • Mentor, mentator, muse
    I have found that inspiration comes from good writing and beautiful or thoughtful pictures. Wallpapers are excellent, quirky, weird, funny, and interesting. Very much A-muse-ing. for my artistic creations.
    RJVanRiper almost 5 years ago
  • Cbs
    My naliney detector went richter when Jeb wore those 1950's Reading glasses.
    RJVanRiper almost 4 years ago
  • Digitizing
    I am a nontraditional college student. This is my fifth time either in a trade school, college, or university. This program has allowed me to more quickly get documents into a digitized format. Allowing me to create a management system centralized location and makes accessible from any location that I am currently at. Excellent printer interface.
    RJVanRiper about 4 years ago
  • Apple User
    Easy to see and review. Tastefully done.
    RJVanRiper almost 4 years ago
  • Inspire
    Have you some of the various supposed photos as inspiration for my own artwork. Thank you…
    RJVanRiper almost 5 years ago