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  • This is no App: It's a BAD Video Blog- NO JOKE INTENDED.
    I like, but this thing isn't worth good money they're paying these guys that are building it (They're really just constantly patching it!!!) They need to hire a usability expert, ETC., then "FIX IT" by destroying it, and figure out what their Website Users WANT/NEED, Like any Decent Co. Already Does, A group of Usability Experts, and FIRE everybody else who made that "APP"!
    RealisticCritic over 5 years ago
  • For a beginner like me, it's GREAT.
    RealisticCritic over 7 years ago
  • Gave it a Second Chance. It Crashed Immediately.
    - The Interface looks nice, clean, simple, and smart, but that's just because THE GRAPHIC DESIGNERS DID THIER JOBS WELL! Still, This App Doesn't Even Deserve a Star. - Apparently, somebody used something like "Dreamweaver C+ For iPad" to Write The Code For Them - USUALLY, GRAPHIC DESIGNERS - Who Don't Know Enough About Code/Script Writing to Create Interactive Media FROM THE GROUND UP - Which Is the Only Way to Create Digital Interactive Media That Works, or At Least Doesn't Crash. - If Your App Is This Bad, You're Scamming Somebody.
    RealisticCritic over 5 years ago
  • It's Great, and here's why:
    - It's Inexpensive, and it has every song that you want, WHICH IS BEAUTIFUL IF YOU ARE ECLECTICeasy to find what you need and on top of that MUSICALLY LIKE MYSELF AND LISTEN TO EVERYTHING! 2. Despite the name Guitar Tabs, It Has the Music for ALL of the Instruments Played in the Song's! 3. It's Usability/Ease of Use is easy enough for a second grader to use, but it also allows you to get deep with it and use other interactive elements that can help the most finicky musician.
    RealisticCritic over 6 years ago
  • I would love this app, but it crashes when you PAY FOR IT!
    If you want this, don't pay for it! Just deal with the ads.
    RealisticCritic over 5 years ago