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  • Intuitive and Useful
    This app is everything you hope it will be. Highly recommend!
    RaineDaye over 6 years ago
  • Very happy
    If you are/were a paper to do lister, you'll love this app. It's very satisfying to cross the items off rather then just have them disappear like most apps. You can even decide how long the crossed off items stick around.
    RaineDaye over 5 years ago
  • Love it
    Great, easy to use app! Wish it had more choices, but that's my only complaint!
    RaineDaye over 7 years ago
  • Hard for family
    I think I would have liked this app if I was packing for just me but it's clumsy and frustrating for packing for a family if you want to easily see that you need to pack, say, jeans for example for multiple family members.
    RaineDaye over 5 years ago