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  • I don't like word games but I love this one!
    It's a great take on word games and a beautiful interface and design. Everyone should buy this app!
    Puzzle Girl almost 12 years ago
  • Butchering a good app
    The trend bar is destroying a very good app. Makes me worried about Twitter for Mac.
    Puzzle Girl over 9 years ago
  • So slow now
    Please roll back to the previous version. It's too slow to switch tools and zooming in and out is very slow. It feels sluggish and looks garish.
    Puzzle Girl over 6 years ago
  • It might have Doom in the name, but it is NOT DOOM
    I was very excited and bought this instantly when it came out yesterday. I really regret my purchase. This is just a very lack-luster port of the J2ME/BREW version of the game. It fails to capture the essence of "DOOM". It is full of sloppy mistakes. It tries to be cute and funny. Which just isn't what a DOOM game is. The guns look terrible and are modeled after DOOM 3 rather than the classic and loved DOOM. Doom is about killing TONS of hellish monsters, not a handfull of bad guys. In a nutshell, DOOM II RPG is just Wolf 3D RPG with the Doom assets and sounds. If you liked Wolf 3D RPG, you'll probably love this too. But if you wanted something that lives up to the DOOM name, skip this title.
    Puzzle Girl almost 11 years ago
  • Wonderfully Polished and amazing attention to detail.
    I'm loving this game. It's extremely well done. I do wish it supported touch screen controls rather than tilt. But that's just a design decision and does not take away from how fun the game is.
    Puzzle Girl almost 12 years ago