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  • Surprisingly addictive
    More replayable than most endless runners.
    Prince Pwnly over 4 years ago
  • Controls are a bit clumsy
    But other than that not bad
    Prince Pwnly over 4 years ago
  • Complete!
    So can I use the grenadier now?
    Prince Pwnly over 4 years ago
  • Excellent
    A worthy addition to MoO. The interface is, for the most part, well adapted to a touchscreen. The combat is interesting (though occasionally your ships will do something stupid), and the tech tree even has a twist I've not seen before with 'passed' techs. It even has an adequate tutorial!
    Prince Pwnly about 4 years ago
  • Very nice
    Does a good job of depicting you as sole defender of a large area, while all around you is desperate screaming, then all too often silence. Torpedo swarmers occasionally pull some unexpected reverses on you, too. SFX don't seem to work for me, thougj
    Prince Pwnly over 4 years ago