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  • SOOOO Many Ads
    If you enjoy seeing the same 30 second ad 100 times, you'll definately like this app. If not, try the ABC News app. It has a more reasonable balance of ads to content.
    PN in SB almost 4 years ago
  • Waste of time.
    I thought it was a DLNA client.
    PN in SB over 5 years ago
  • good app
    i use it on my ipad and itouch.
    PN in SB about 5 years ago
  • Nicely done!
    Every easy to use an set up. I use it to SSH you my Raspberry Pi.
    PN in SB almost 5 years ago
  • CBS Screwed it up again!
    The NEWS section was working fine for several months now, but about a month ago the contents in the vertical columns disappear and don't come back any time soon. CBS should fire the entire team responsible for this app and start over. It is a good app when it works but it is totally unreliable.
    PN in SB over 4 years ago