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  • Straight forward, no messing accounting
    Truly superb, from a usability point of view this is well thought out, easy to navigate and good looking app. Its lightweight and so far seems well polished as I've had no glitches at all. Sending invoices has never been easier.
    Paul Clapp over 7 years ago
  • Most pointless app.... In the world... ever!
    Take one perfectly functioning Facebook app, split it into two apps for no apparent reason and you're left with a Facebook app with no messaging facility and this pile of dung. IT MAKES NO SENSE!!!
    Paul Clapp almost 6 years ago
  • Doesn't work
    Same happening for me as other reviewers, I enter my website and it doesn't do anything, just loading icons spin, spin and spin and nothing ever loads. Tried it 5 times and gave up.
    Paul Clapp almost 6 years ago
  • Seems a good idea if I could log in….
    I have always been a big fan of Santander online banking so was excited to see what this app had to offer. Unfortunately apart from finding my nearest branch, which is kind of pointless anyway I can't do much else with it. On trying to log in I am hit with an error message saying "Sorry BI_0023 You don't have any accounts valid to perform this operation", which seems a bit odd as I have a zero account, reward account, mortgage and business account which are all accessible through the normal online banking. Then you cannot log out as every time you hit the back button the same "Sorry BI_0023 You don't have any accounts valid to perform this operation" appears. I can't give an app that doesn't work anymore than one star really, I guess it needs zero stars ideally.
    Paul Clapp over 8 years ago
  • Great little app
    This app works great as a quick SEO checklist for your site. Very simple to use and a great way to approach SEO.
    Paul Clapp almost 6 years ago