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  • I love the magnifier/light
    I use the magnifier/light all the time!! When I'm in a restaurant and the menu is too small to read, reading instructions for prescriptions, looking for faces in a newspaper or magazine article, etc. I just love it!!
    Packratsandy over 6 years ago
  • Need more moves
    It would be great if there were more moves----I sure need them!!
    Packratsandy over 8 years ago
  • Great App!!
    I love the KCRG app--especially during tornado season and in the winter!! This is my first iPhone and I love being able to look up weather, cancellations and news--plus get storm notifications!!
    Packratsandy almost 9 years ago
  • Great app!!!
    This is a great app!! It is full of many various tidbits and helpful suggestions for my iPhone. I love it!!
    Packratsandy over 8 years ago