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  • This app & customer service, rock!
    Update: Love the new features! New client? Just put him or her in contacts first, then use the Contact feature in CC Terminal to pull the info. Plus the CC on the email receipt is wonderful. Orignal review: Innerfence and have been great to work with. And the special offer was the best! Covers 2 months of fees :) Rates are very competitive. After I bought it, I did look at the competition, but reading the reviews, the customer service here is the best. Also, the terminal does not require more than the CC numbers plus the zip code, whereas others require address, although this gives you the option to include much more than that for your records. Acceptance is fast and easy, and by modifying settings online you can accept foreign cards if you wish. Security is good, and approval is fast and easy on the iPhone. I am a professional photographer, and not only is this an affordable way to take credit cards, but I can take them at a coffee house meeting, at a park or the beach at a photo shoot, or at a bridal show with no electricity or WiFi. This product will greatly increase my revenues, plus get clients to purchase larger packages than they might have before. I've extremely satisfied!
    Nathan Smith about 9 years ago
  • Awesome
    But wish there were more car makes and models
    Nathan Smith over 6 years ago
  • Fuuuck
    Godamn made me rate it 5 stars!!!! I finally gave in
    Nathan Smith almost 7 years ago
  • Nonstop fun!
    Nathan Smith about 6 years ago
  • Awesome!
    Good graphics! Cool game!
    Nathan Smith over 6 years ago