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  • No good really
    Yet another game where you can only really progress in the long run buy paying for gems. I see the logic behind this but in the end there is hardly any skill required in this game it is little more than a gambling game where you can only lose. The satisfying collection of resources feels like an adequate reward for paying but where's the real game. These games are well made rubbish. I wish we could just get age of empires or some other far superior and far more engaging experience on the ipad.
    Milo isnit brutha almost 5 years ago
  • Great
    Another great bit of software to replace the utterly useless offering from crapple.
    Milo isnit brutha almost 5 years ago
  • Love it :) :)
    Don't know why anyone would try to play it on an iPhone it def needs an iPad screen but it's awesome. Real pieces with real notes I feel like a concert pianist at the breakfast table. Easily the best piano game and I'm actually learning to play these pieces.
    Milo isnit brutha almost 5 years ago
  • Faulty untested unacceptable
    Since the recent update menu loads then crashes when I click start, iPhone. 3G since I have already paid for this app and cannot receive a refund this is frankly robbery. Typical with apple ethos if you don't have the latest unnecessary status gadget it won't work. (no backwards compatibility) All iPhone 3g's are the same this app has not been alpha tested what the hell do you think you are doing. You CANNOT allow someone to buy something that does not work this is even more ridiculous when the software code is so blatantly basic. This is legally ROBBERY. I look forward to receiving no response and this not being posted.
    Milo isnit brutha about 7 years ago
  • Marvel loos
    Great fun
    Milo isnit brutha almost 5 years ago