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  • Crashed after latest IOS update
    App crashed permanently after latest iOS update on two different devices. iPad version still not available. Please fix!
    MeowSiThong over 6 years ago
  • Отличная штука Good app!
    Если вы живете в Бангкоке то эта программа для вас полезна. В остальных случаях она вам не нужна Good wifi finder utility from True, very useful for Thai users, was tested in BKK and works flawlessly.
    MeowSiThong almost 11 years ago
  • Outdated
    Still ios6 interface, nothing improved in years.
    MeowSiThong over 5 years ago
  • Outdated and not useful anymore
    Old and not updated in last two years. Much better and free alternative exists now.
    MeowSiThong almost 5 years ago
  • Perfect
    Very easy to use
    MeowSiThong over 5 years ago