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  • Pretty usable. Some advert heavy
    Not too bad. Output is of medium quality. Advertising could be less to be better. But it remains usable.
    Matrix29bear over 6 years ago
  • Dull repetitive, but mostly okay
    This game isn't bad. Probably the only EA Game I've played in 13 years (they used SECUROM disk protection which REFUSED to allow me to install the 4 recently purchased games in 2002 on my PC – so I have refused to purchase any EA Game product since then). Since I'm not paying for this EA Game, I'm not violating that lifetime ban (which has saved me at least $3500 in purchases from that day to this one). Good job on using SECUROM for Copy Protection EA Games. You successfully stopped all future sales of your products to many buyers.
    Matrix29bear over 6 years ago
  • Game remains dull am deleting it again
    Got bored with this game about 6 months ago, deleted it. Tried out the new “Clash of Clans” knockoff improvement. Still excruciatingly dull gameplay. Problems are with the money gathering issues. Boring. Intensely boring tap-tap-tap then wait-wait-wait. Then build then wait-wait-wait. Dull. Deleting again. Cursor point needs a large attraction auto-money magnet (force me to buy it and I will actively ignore EA Games stuff on the iDevices). The waiting game of this dull dull boring game needs some speed up too. This is 2014 and the Virtual Pet click-and-go-away gameplay has stunk for decades.
    Matrix29bear over 6 years ago
  • Very good 2+1/2D Minecraft knockoff
    Big problem though. If you use the portal to add another Blockhead to the game your crafting rate drops dramatically (with your sleeping recharge rate becoming 10 times slower).
    Matrix29bear over 7 years ago
  • Pretty boring needs to have zoom
    If you have a PC, do a search for POWDERTOY. Granted that program doesn't have as large a variety of lifeforms (only stickmen and plants), but it is way more fun. This thing is too stingy on the items and the play space is too tiny. One fix would be screen panning or out-zooming to the larger play space. The basic idea seems somewhat lofty, the end result is exceptionally stingy.
    Matrix29bear about 7 years ago