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  • Irene in Mckinnleyville
    Thank you for making us feel so welcome in your beautiful , clean house . Your huge yard and introducing us to yr nice dog. We will certainly try to stay with you , when we come that way again.
    Martinabonita over 4 years ago
  • Finally a good one!
    Having tried several others I did not have my hopes up-but am taken by its easiness, good info and the connection with my vivofit band
    Martinabonita about 5 years ago
  • Addictive!!
    So much fun - I'm forgetting to watch TV or clean my house these days. Much more relaxing than" words with friends"
    Martinabonita over 6 years ago
  • Just right for me
    Simple, understandable - no frills! I recommend it!
    Martinabonita almost 6 years ago
  • Not satisfied!
    Could not get this to work reliably! A waste of money:-(
    Martinabonita about 5 years ago