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  • Awesome Game!!
    This game is awesome on the go with my iPhone 5. Completely addicting.
    Macinoid over 7 years ago
  • Landscape view for iPhone 6 & 6 Plus like the iPads would be awesome!
    Very disappointed I have my new iPhone 6 Plus and my wife has the 6 but sadly other news apps have updated to at least a landscape view but not my favorite tech news app.
    Macinoid over 5 years ago
  • You get ADs when you pay for the Gold version!
    What planet did these guys come from, I've bought both pay versions and I get more f'ing ADs then I did with the Free version. Don't buy this, stick with the free version. Way less annoying ADs to see.
    Macinoid about 10 years ago
  • Superb!
    If you've seen the movie or played the game, it brings back such memories. Awesome!
    Macinoid over 7 years ago
  • Too many bugs for both iPhone & iPad
    !!!PLEASE DONT KEEP GIVING THEM YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY UNTIL THEY FIX THE PROBLEMS!!! Update: still no update released and it has major bugs when you use your keyboard, the iPhone version has 3 times the features the iPad does. Support has never responded to any of my requests. You goto the website and hope to find help under support, well good luck there. !!!PLEASE DONT BUY UNTIL THEY FIX!!! Yes AOL did a horrible job, Yahoo hasn't even released yet but this program I agree has a lot of potential, but for $10 bucks it has way too many bugs currently. EVERYBODY OUT THERE, STOP BUYING THIS PROGRAM UNTIL THE DEVELOPER FIXES SOME MAJOR BUGS!!! I say when the bugs are fixed, sure it will be the best, BUT NOT UNTIL THEN.
    Macinoid about 10 years ago