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  • Trolls...
    The game that trolls u. When you're down to the last ten bubbles it picks the worst colour over and over again.
    Lycorad over 6 years ago
  • Great App
    I use this app during lectures. Very easy to use 5/5.
    Lycorad about 4 years ago
  • Amazing.
    Best game in the world, and it's in Canada.
    Lycorad over 5 years ago
  • Cheap
    Good but the friend summoning is too cheap. I faced a lvl 12 and he summoned a guy with a rocket launcher that killed me in 1 hit. Oh and add the button to conquer when you go on someones page.
    Lycorad about 7 years ago
  • Da Bomb!
    Cute, fun, little app that I love.
    Lycorad over 7 years ago