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  • Works with Ubuntu Linux
    I am trying this application out; accessing an Ubuntu machine (Intrepid Ibex). I can confirm that this application works with Ubuntu Remote Desktop. So far, so good.
    loq$7_ almost 10 years ago
  • WeatherBug is better
    I would like the features of this application, if they were working. For instance, it incorrectly determines my current location. Videos are great, but sometimes I just get an error. Hopefully, the next version of this application will be better and my opinion may be different. I'm using a 2G iPod Touch by-the-way.
    loq$7_ over 11 years ago
  • Great application
    With this application on my iPod Touch, I have never been so productive. Well worth the expense to upgrade to a Pro account.
    loq$7_ over 11 years ago
  • Great!
    My Stop & Shop card doesn't scan at the self-checkout, but all-in-all the app frees up space on my keychain.
    loq$7_ about 8 years ago
  • A must have application
    This is a great application for iPhone 3G/iPod Touch. Pandora will be competing with the predicting release of iTunes 8 and its' newest feature, Genius.
    loq$7_ over 11 years ago