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  • Love it!
    Totally addictive! Beautiful images that make you catch your breath. It stirs your creativity. I love it- but beware, you can spend hours on it without realising it...
    Lindylou* over 7 years ago
  • Very effective!
    This is the second one of Darren's apps that I have purchased. They are both brilliant and deliver what they say they will. His voice is deeply calming- I only have to hear the word,"So..." at the beginning of each session and I start to relax immediately! His accent is very nice and he sounds friendly -just what you need because you don't want to be irritated when listening. I feel sorry for the minority of people who clearly didn't use these apps properly- they are missing out on the chance to help themselves. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is serious about wanting to lose weight, control alcohol or whatever their issue is.
    Lindylou* almost 9 years ago
  • Really works!
    I have been listening to this app for about two months and it continues to give me great support to control how much alcohol I drink. I don't use it every night any more because I find that it has worked already for me. I listen to it occasionally as much for the fantastic relaxation that it provides as for the alcohol control aspect of it. I found that the more I listened to it when I first started using it, the quicker I found myself responding to Darren's suggestions to stop drinking. I really cannot recommend this app highly enough. You need to choose a quiet place to listen to it, as Darren says, and then just concentrate totally on his voice. It really is as simple as that. Give it a try- you won't be sorry and you could be amazed at how well it works to reduce your drinking!
    Lindylou* almost 9 years ago