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  • Boooo! Gems disappear!!!!
    I downloaded seasons AND blitz cuz I liked this game so much. Until I got to level 95, which is so stupid hard it's impossible to beat without spending gems. So I spent 38 of my 51 gems to beat that level. During that attempt I used my final energy. So I beat the level, and had zero energy. Came back later and guess what? It did NOT save the fact that I beat level 95. But it sure did save the fact that I had spent 38 gems! So since, i do not have enough gems to move on, I deleted it AND blitz AND seasons. I mean, I would have to spend money on gems. And if there's missing gems (or unsaved progress) then why would I ever consider spending actual money on them? Besides, there are plenty if other games I can play.
    Kimmaklyn about 6 years ago
  • Love it, BUT...........
    There's about a 50/50 chance I'll get my coins at the end of any given game. I need those coins to win more games. Sadly, they've ripped me off of AT LEAST 100 coins in the last 24 hours. Who knows how much before I started noticing? Lame!
    Kimmaklyn over 6 years ago
  • Love
    It's awesome!
    Kimmaklyn over 6 years ago
  • Love it!
    Very fun and addicting. Some of the puzzles are too hard, but I still look forward to updates when they release more rooms.
    Kimmaklyn almost 6 years ago
  • Best sudoku game out there
    Love it!!
    Kimmaklyn about 6 years ago