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    It is very helpful and I use it very often and it is always with me. I do like it very much.
    Kiffen1053r about 7 years ago
  • Good, but not great.
    MW 1&2 were amazing, and soooooo much fun. Then MW3 dropped with its XP system and undermined a great Series. The game almost forces new players to spend money. I spend quite a bit on games, anyway, but by choice, not command. The controls are more unresponsive that the first MW. I just don't think the developers went in the right detection with this iteration of the well known and respected saga.
    Kiffen1053r over 8 years ago
  • Great game!
    I've had my iPad for a while, and I've enjoyed this game since I found it. Two thumbs up.
    Kiffen1053r over 7 years ago