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  • Wow
    jwes41 about 4 years ago
  • Good
    jwes41 about 6 years ago
  • GTD Make Way For RGTD
    30/30 is elegant in its simplicity! So easy and intuitive to use. It's not so much a replacement of other organizers, but a compliment. I especially love the ability to create and save multiple lists. I've got a daily review, a weekly review, a morning routine and an office routine. Finally, a super simple way to help us focus and RGTD (really get things done)!
    jwes41 about 5 years ago
    I was very excited to see the app on the visit to my store yesterday. So I downloaded it and decided to use it to search for products in my store. I tried 2 different products and the actual location of the product was not even close to the app location. They missed a great opportunity to make shopping easier for this customers. Very disappointing.
    jwes41 almost 5 years ago
  • Loving it
    Switched over from pandora. Glad I did :)
    jwes41 almost 4 years ago