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  • Justajose
    No way to clear history! F'n brilliant. Trying to buy gifts and the element of surprise has been ruined when I let someone borrow my phone. I expect more from Google but they screwed up this app.
    Justajose over 5 years ago
  • User
    How ironic for a company constantly remodeling and trying to find itself.... The find a store feature can't find a location.
    Justajose almost 6 years ago
  • Aries415
    Doesn't work with camera phone!
    Justajose almost 6 years ago
  • Want a refund does not work
    Ipad 2 w/ 8.1.2 (12B440) Not even close to being able to function using the iPad as a source for photos or videos PLEASE REFUND MY MONEY!
    Justajose almost 4 years ago
  • Long time user
    Gets better with each update.
    Justajose about 5 years ago