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  • Cool
    It's got that simple yet complex thing down. Would be 5 star game if you could play with your own music - theirs is a bit annoying.
    junkmyfunk over 9 years ago
  • Perfect!
    Fast, lots of useful information, well-presented. Just what I was after.
    junkmyfunk about 7 years ago
  • A much-needed UI overhaul
    It seems the upgrade has been pretty devisive with regards to the omission of certain features, however there's no denying that the UI is a huge improvement. V1 was a complete car-crash with text that was really a button and weird icons scattered all over the place, completely ignoring all OSX UI conventions and consequently a nightmare to work with unless you were a frequent user. The upgrade at least makes it easy to do a quick screengrab, make adjustments and annotations and then fire it off to someone - which is all I really wanted from this app anyway.
    junkmyfunk over 7 years ago
  • Does what is says on the tin
    Just used this to setup 2-step authentication for Dropbox, scanned the QR code and it worked first time. Looks nice too.
    junkmyfunk about 6 years ago