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  • Crash kingdom
    First let me say that I like this game a lot! I'm even willing to spend money on it. But it crashes every other minute. Beautiful graphics, fun story line, sad crashes.
    I want to support this game almost 7 years ago
  • Fun
    This is an addictively fun game! I bought some gems with $ for costumes and whatnot, but it'd be better if we could keep the costumes permanently instead of only for a certain amount of days! I mean there are so many costumes to buy, can always make more for people to buy, but they should get to keep them, along with weapons and everything else! Other than that, fun game.
  • Love it
    Great game, can't wait for more levels and plants.
  • Just a small suggestion for future worlds
    I thoroughly enjoy all the worlds that are coming out, especially the latest one the lost city. I like the tropical plants as well as the new zombies. The durian is my favorite, kudos to whomever came up with that! Something in the future might be harder to come up with since we only know the present and the past. But that's where creativity can come in, you can have hypothetical worlds, like the space zombies. And perhaps a water world future, or jungle, sky, animals, etc. with a bit of a stretch in the imagination, anything is possible. Just helping to brainstorm. Keep up the good work!
    I want to support this game about 6 years ago
  • Love it
    I used to play the piano, but don't have it with me anymore, so this game is nice and fun. Spending all my money for the additional songs! Can't wait to get to the higher levels, hopefully Pachabel's canon is there?