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  • Good fun!
    Lots of fun and very addicting!
    Hyscbmlitz over 4 years ago
  • Love the new design, but...
    I turn off the "play sounds" option but every time I open the app it is turned back on! Furthermore it gives me like 20 popups of past games I have won/lost every time I open the app. It also gives me a new message notification for every message that's ever been sent, not just new ones. Very annoying! Please fix :(
    Hyscbmlitz over 4 years ago
  • Pretty good but...
    Needs a "tag on startup" option like the droid app! And also I told it not to use my location and it asks to turn it on everytime I open the app! Very annoying when you are trying to tag a song quickly before it ends :S
    Hyscbmlitz over 4 years ago
  • Great app but...
    Needs a way to create filters (ie to automatically delete emails from certain senders, not sort into folders) on the app! I get so much spam that I don't even want to have to deal with it in a spam folder and I miss this feature from the desktop version! This app is still light years ahead of the apple mail app tho and I would recommend anyone who has a gmail account download the app! Also, I get notifications by badges, and about half the time I have a notification, I open up the app and there's nothing new. And I have full wifi signal so it's not a bad connection. Very annoying because I can't make the badge go away :(
    Hyscbmlitz over 4 years ago
  • Update crashes
    The app crashes about 3 seconds after opening it from the most recent update :(
    Hyscbmlitz over 4 years ago