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  • Fantastic!!!
    My absolute favorite game I've ever played! I was riveted, glued to my seat from start to finish. Love the storyline and that feeling of a big console game. The only iPhone game I've ever felt like that with. I love it! When does the next one come out!? :)
    HucklebeeBellomy over 5 years ago
  • :(
    The update makes the game crash every time I hit "play" :( Please fix this, I miss logos quiz!!
    HucklebeeBellomy about 6 years ago
  • More Levels Please!!! :)
    This game is so fun! I would love more!!
    HucklebeeBellomy over 6 years ago
    I love this app! It makes blogging so much mor convenient. I do wish there was a way to use your tumblr blacklist here though... It's WAY easy to get total spoilers on your phone. But other than that, this app is number one in my book. :D
    HucklebeeBellomy almost 5 years ago
  • Fabulous!!
    User-friendly design, multiple and fantastic uses, this app has it all! No more surprise periods for me :)
    HucklebeeBellomy over 6 years ago