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  • Cannot log in
    Nice features, but I cannot log in. It would be good to customer support....but I cannot log in so as to access it! Mike
    Freidas7 over 6 years ago
  • Beware! It is not really free.
    It says free, but is only a trial. After this, logmein charges $69.95 (yearly) from your charge account to continue using it. This is not made clear when you install this so called "FREE" app. Then, if you want to cancel it, you must go through the confusing procedure to accomplish this. I am still wrestling with this procedure to get this "free" app cancelled.
    Freidas7 almost 7 years ago
  • May never know
    I cannot log in; it seems my password is not really my password. App support not easy to access. I will try something more available to me.
    Freidas7 over 6 years ago
  • Just an opinion
    I enjoyed this app before it made recent changes. It was, to me, much better before. It is of no use to me now. So I will get rid of it.
    Freidas7 almost 7 years ago
  • Of little benefit
    Seems to have the same headlines and news for several days...rather than being up to date. Nice layout.
    Freidas7 over 6 years ago