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  • It's an adequate reader
    I rewrote my review when I learned that reportedly Apple started charging a thirty percent commission if the ebook developers used store in app access. Thus everybody is now removing in app store access. Thanks a bunch Apple.
    Eriptron over 7 years ago
  • Good graphics. Decent action
    They have to be kidding!!?, $49.99 to get extra gold or money!! That's insane! Then again, buying points, resources, etc, I consider cheating myself. Just get good at the game instead. :-)
    Eriptron over 6 years ago
  • Still can't red iBook ebooks on the iMacs.
    Update. Still not buying iBook ebooks as long as you can't read them on a Mac! iBooks v2 crashes even more than it did after I updated to iOS 5. Minus another star. Can't read E. O. Wilson's text book as it either hangs or crashes after turning 3 or 4 pages. - - - - After buying my first eBook via iBooks and learning that you can not read them on my iMac I stopped buying eBooks from Apple. Don't make us read eBooks only on iPhones, iPods and iPads! Hello? Anyone listening at Aapple? Still can't read iBook ebooks on the iMacs. Subtracted another star! Until Apple does that they lag WAY behind in regards to eBooks.
    Eriptron almost 7 years ago
  • I would not load current update!
    Don't know what happened to my "updated" review, it's totally gone! After loading the current update, as countless other have now posted, first the Kindle app was just STUPID slow....I mean you think it's hung slow! Now the app won't even load. I see the Kindle logo and crash, crash, crash! I'd delete it and walk away never to use Kindle again except that I have over a thousand dollars in Kindle eText. Sigh!
    Eriptron almost 5 years ago
  • A little to greedy?
    I have to say with Audible being the last (After Kindle, Nook, etc. before them) that has to comply with Apple's new policy to "force" vendors to remove their ebook (and audible books) store access from within their apps strikes me as just a bit too greedy of Apple to my way of thinking. Does Apple think that forcing their customers to jump through extra hoops to make a purchase from their competition will increase iBook sales? I think that they are mistaken. As a matter of fact, until Apple allows reading iBook's ebooks on at least their own computers I have stopped buying anything at all for iBooks.
    Eriptron about 7 years ago