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  • Garbled text
    Some of the older public domain books are completely garbled and unreadable. Doesn't anyone actually look at them first?
    earlymusicfan about 8 years ago
  • Christmas?
    I had fun with this and built all the floors (got frustrating at the end). But now it has turned into a Christmas thing. And I carefully counted all my nice Jewish bitizens, trying to get a minion. Erase time!
    earlymusicfan over 6 years ago
  • Can't find books
    I rely on this a lot for my research. I have many old historical books on German in Play Books. It does not recognize the German typeface. I can live with that, even though there are no search capabilities. But I can't find the books easily. They largely have generic icons, and the sorting functions don't really work (I still don't understand if date is the date of publication or date I put it there). It needs to give me at least the authors' names. Titled would help too. And it needs a search function, and a better way to locate your place in the book.
    earlymusicfan about 5 years ago
  • It works fine for me
    It is working perfectly fine for me (the ads are annoying). I got it when Direct TV wasn't showing The Daily Show and Colbert, but I'm going to keep the service. I can watch it anywhere. I don't own a digital TV so I can't use the services that rely on the TV being connected to WiFi.
    earlymusicfan about 7 years ago
  • Stops immediately
    I had formerly given this two stars, but I am revising this to one. I have DirectTV. It can't verify it. So it's worthless. I opened it because DirectTV is currently malfunctioning, but I will probably delete the app.
    earlymusicfan over 5 years ago