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  • Solid
    So much better than any of the other options
    DudeOnRun over 3 years ago
  • Does the job
    But there has to be an easier way than typing the numbers in each time
    DudeOnRun almost 6 years ago
  • Great app for a young professional!
    As I'm too busy (job, gf, etc.) to put much time and thought into my grocery shopping, I've found this app super helpful. I look forward to what's next! Keep it up guys
    DudeOnRun over 7 years ago
  • Love it
    A few small, occasional UI bugs but otherwise a great app
    DudeOnRun about 6 years ago
  • It works
    So good. Just what I needed. Very well made app
    DudeOnRun over 4 years ago