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Reviews by dkttkd - 8
  • Best game bought ever!
    Best 0.99$ ever spent! So good and addictive!
    dkttkd about 9 years ago
  • If you don't understand the game, don't review.
    Really fun and addictive. The game works perfectly.
    dkttkd about 9 years ago
  • Best game on iPod
    Best game I ever bought! It's totally worth for it and there is so many updates! So addictive!
    dkttkd almost 9 years ago
  • Not that great!
    Really good at first, but becomes redundant and illogical for some elements
    dkttkd about 9 years ago
  • AMAZING!!!!
    Really works well! Just connect your ipod cable and control your power point very easily! Thank you so much!
    dkttkd over 9 years ago