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Reviews by DAE/GeneralChaos - 5
  • Missing profile
    I already had a profile, so after three hours I come back to collect and to see if my two double rainbow dragons are done breeding just find my profile gone and having to start from beginning
    DAE/GeneralChaos about 7 years ago
  • Ripped Off
    I had double coins and when the new update came out I lost it and I'm not sure if I got 160 Gems because I lost it but I don't want gems I want double coins not gems. They have changed it so often you think they have ADHD and I wind up losing something after every "New" Update so don't expect to keep everything after updates.
    DAE/GeneralChaos about 5 years ago
  • Fun
    This game is giving me 1000 to rate so I'm rating.
    DAE/GeneralChaos about 7 years ago
  • Can't Get Water and Other Bugs
    I crafted a bucket but every time I try to get a water source block it won't let me get it. It also crashes often and a few times I made a new world I spawn at world height and fall to my death every time I spawn.
    DAE/GeneralChaos about 6 years ago
  • Great Game
    It is a great game but maybe some more items and fix lag. A single player mode would also be nice. If you can do that then you could get way more people and allow custom skins.
    DAE/GeneralChaos about 6 years ago