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  • This app is horrible
    It is slow, hard to use, and often crashes. The only reason I still have it is because it is the only free nkjv bible on the App Store.
    Cupcake222555 almost 4 years ago
  • Awesome update, but annoying glithes
    I love the pocket edition now that the newest update has come out, but there is one annoying glitch. Whenever I am playing it, I get this message that the game is running out of space, and it totally spams the messages so that you can't really see anything beyond it. I have plenty if memory left on my ipod and I only have one world on my pocket edition. It would be awesome and 5 stars if u guys could fix that
    Cupcake222555 almost 5 years ago
  • Nice
    This is an awesome app and so easy to use but catching would b very nice
    Cupcake222555 almost 5 years ago