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  • One of my favorites....BUT...!!!!!!!!!
    Force closes constantly on my iPad mini!!! Including when I got my highest score!! Please fix this!!!!!
    Comedian138 about 6 years ago
  • Great!
    I love this app! I can talk to my friends and family on my iPod! Rad!
    Comedian138 almost 7 years ago
  • Awesome!!!
    Awesome retro platformer with just the right amount of cheesiness!! Love the graphics, gameplay, controls, AND constant updates!!! Keep up the good work guys!!!!
    Comedian138 almost 8 years ago
  • Zombies, yetis, giant robots, AND Aliens in a nuclear holocaust?
    This game is radsauce. Beats both mutant roadkill and zombie highway!! Yeah!!
    Comedian138 over 6 years ago
  • Old school 2D Metal Gear!! Rad!!
    This game is legit. Just like the old Metal Gear games, but you get the ninja too!!
    Comedian138 almost 6 years ago