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  • Not ready for prime time
    Invasion of privacy!! Why would I want my personal iPhone contacts shared with my employer? #epic fail. This is a violation of protected information. Software requires a reboot on a regular basis. Corporate malware! I'd avoid at all costs until all the bugs are fixed.
    Charlieios over 8 years ago
  • Not for ios5
    Window disappears almost every time you open it. Can't log out due to the settings window crashing. Do not download.
    Charlieios over 8 years ago
  • Crashes gone?
    Like the program, the issue of crashes seems to be corrected. Allows to to keep a very busy family up to date. From 2 stars to 5!
    Charlieios over 7 years ago
  • Crashes
    The last three updates broke it. Do not download. Zero stars. Lost all my data 3 times in less than 24 hours. They need to figure out what beta means.
    Charlieios over 9 years ago
  • Fails
    Worked one time. No again after many attempts. Think they are collecting data and not telling or paying for.
    Charlieios over 6 years ago